I just feel in a rut and a lot of uncertainty about where I am in life.”
— Almost every 20-30 something

Ugh, the 'r' word...it has a way of really messing with our heads and our hearts.  A rut can feel permanent and make you question everything about yourself.   Things feel out of sync and it seems the harder we work to get out of it, the deeper we fall.  

Our 20's and 30's notoriously stir up anxiety and complicated feelings about ourselves and our lives.  Our plans don't work out...our timelines turn to shit.  We force ourselves to be happy when we are not.  I was there too, absolutely disconnected from myself, only concerned about being perceived as perfect.  It was exhausting and unsustainable.  I understand the pressure young people put on themselves and want to use my training and experience as a counselor to help you build a deeper understanding of yourself.  You deserve to honor your truth and how you want to carry yourself in this world.  

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About My Practice

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Partners in Self-Discovery


I really love walking alongside my clients in therapy, witnessing their growth and change.  My role is to listen and create a safe space for us to dig deeper into your humanness.  I will show up with my humanness, too.  Together, we are going to find out what it means to be you.  We are partners and I care deeply about your well-being.

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We can live in our heads for some time, internalizing or rationalizing things to death, but I firmly believe the real work happens when we engage our feelings in the conversation.  Our feelings carry energy and need to be expressed.  Learning to identify and navigate your feelings in a safe, productive way is paramount to a healthier, happier existence.


Honoring Your Story

Your story - your gifts, your experiences, and even your pain - makes you a beautiful, dynamic soul.  Your story matters and is important to your individuality.  I offer clients the opportunity to share their truth without shame or fear.  


Empowering Growth

You are in total control of your future.  Your past does not dictate where you are headed.  I hope our time together will reveal how living authentically and unapologetically as the person you are is the catalyst for a meaningful existence.  It is an incredible shift from living for others' approval to living for self-approval.